2023 Thalassemia Secondary Student Excellence Award

The Thalassemia Foundation of Canada is proud to announce the Thalassemia Secondary Student Excellence Award. The award shall be given to a Canadian Secondary School student with Thalassemia Major or Intermedia. The purpose of this award is to recognize Thalassemia patients who demonstrate determination, commitment, and enthusiasm. These qualities can be revealed through the candidates’ academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and volunteer work. The Thalassemia Secondary Student Excellence Award is intended to motivate and encourage Thalassemia patients to continue to work through life’s challenges, contribute to their community, and share their talents/gifts with others.

Award Content: Two (2) awards available, valued at $500 each payable to the winner

Submission Deadline: January 20, 2023. Submit Parts 1 & 2 (see below).

Submit to: tony.falcitelli@thalassemia.ca. Please request a confirmation of receipt.


  • Must be a person with Thalassemia Major or Intermedia.
  • Must be a Canadian resident attending a Canadian secondary school (Grades 9 – 12).
  • With permission, recipient’s name, photo, video may be posted on the Thalassemia website and published in the Thalassemia newsletter.
  • Part 1: Submit a 1 page essay, including:
    • Brief description of the applicant: e.g. family, activities, hobbies; volunteer work (if applicable).
    • Impact of Thalassemia on your life and things you do to keep a positive attitude when dealing with the challenges of having Thalassemia.
    • Describe how this scholarship will benefit you.

Questions: tony.falcitelli@thalassemia.ca

Previous Scholarship Recipients:

Zain Ali
Sophie Heel
Anissa Rampersaud

Muhammad Ali
Tayba Ifzal

Adamo Cittadini
Sam Shahid

Daniel Lui

Aamir Aqsa
Leeya Patel

Gulrukh Afridi
Julianna Lupo

Esther Chen

Khadija Fazal

Cassandra Malandrino

Cody Chau

Hafsa Hafsa