Naushy Mullani Sponsorship Travel Award

This travel sponsorship award was created in memory of our beloved patient, friend and past board member to the Thalassemia Foundation of Canada, Naushy Mullani. The Mullani family have created a special travel memorial fund award to be used by one Thalassemia patient to attend a Thalassemia International Federation (T.I.F.) conference and/or domestic Canadian conference.

Memorial Fund Content:

The special memorial travel award consists of travel and accommodations payable towards one patient attending an international conference (Thalassemia International Federation – T.I.F.) and/or domestic conference deemed beneficial by the Thalassemia Foundation of Canada.

Submission deadline:

All applicant submissions must be made no later than one month prior to the conference that the award is being requested for. All patients interested in attending must write a small summary as to why they want to attend and how it would benefit them. All requests received will be reviewed by the Thalassemia Foundation of Canada and the recipient chosen will be notified shortly thereafter by phone or email.   


  1. Must be a person with Thalassemia major/intermedia who is a citizen and/or resident in Canada.
  1. Must be 16 years of age and older to travel.
  1. Preference will be given to a recipient who has not previously attended a Thalassemia International Conference (T.I.F).
  1. The recipient chosen is unable to attend an International/regional conference due to financial costs associated with travel.
  1. The recipient chosen will benefit in gaining support from other participants attending the conference to be more compliant in their treatments and also become more knowledgeable in every aspect of living with having a lifelong chronic disease. The recipient will therefore be required to write a summary about their experience at the conference to be shared with other patients and published in the Thalassemia Foundation of Canada newsletter. Also, the recipient will be willing to have their picture taken for use of advertisement.
  2. Award recipient will be required to submit receipts for reimbursement.


Click here to download the application.

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