Bill 255

Thalassemia Foundation of Canada is delighted that #Bill 255, has passed 2nd reading at the Ontario Legislation on March 2nd.  The Thalassemia Community is extremely appreciative for the support of MPP Rudy Cuzzetto and MPP Andrea Khanjin for co-sponsoring the bill. Please read the press release.

If passed, Bill 255 will recognize:

  • Thalassemia Awareness Day on May 8th
  • Sickle Cell Disease Awareness Day on June 19th

#Bill255 introduced on March 1st, 2021 passed quickly through the first and second reading and is currently referred to the Committee on Regulations and Private Bills.   

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Letter-writing Campaign

The Thalassemia Foundation of Canada (TFC) and Sickle Cell Awareness Group of Ontario (SCAGO) are requesting your support for Bill 255, “Sickle Cell Disease Awareness Day, and Thalassemia Awareness Day Act, 2021”.

As a patient/caregiver/community advocate, we are asking you to write your MPP to support Bill 255. Please find below a template letter and instructions for your use. We thank you in advance for your support