2022 Scholarship Winners Announcement

The Corrado Falcitelli Memorial Scholarship Award

This award is given to a Canadian citizen with thalassemia major or intermedia who is registered in a full-time post-secondary education program, in order to provide an incentive to patients who are continuing their education.

– No applications were received for 2022.

The Thalassemia Secondary Student Excellence Award

This award is given to a Canadian secondary school student with thalassemia major, to recognize thalassemia patients who demonstrate determination, commitment, and enthusiasm, and to motivate and encourage thalassemia patients to continue to work through life’s challenges and contribute to their community. The Thalassemia Foundation of Canada is grateful to all of the recipients for their hard work and dedication to its cause and we wish them the best for their future.

2022 Thalassemia Secondary Student Excellence Award Winners :

Zain Ali: Gr .11; interested in transportation technology and career as a pilot.

Sophie Heel: Gr. 11; career in nursing or social work.

Anissa Rampersaud: Gr. 12; University for Humanities program