Advocacy & Support

Whether we are helping patients navigate the healthcare system or fighting for access to the best care and treatment, the Thalassemia Foundation of Canada (TFC) advocates on behalf of the thalassemia community. We are committed to advocating for optimal care and treatment, and we need your help.

Advocates are people just like you who work to raise awareness and make changes in their communities and beyond. Writing a letter, making a telephone call, meeting with your local government representative, conducting an interview with a journalist or giving a presentation in your community are all steps towards advocating for change both locally and nationally.

It is important that patients act as advocates in support of TFC, but also on their own behalf. By playing an active role in their disease management, patients advocate for the treatments and services they need. Advocating for proper care is empowering, and allows patients to help themselves and others live well with thalassemia.

If you would like to learn more about our advocacy efforts, or are interested in joining us, we want to hear from you! Click here to contact us.

To learn more about Thalassemia Foundation of Canada’s advocacy efforts, please click on the links below: