TFC Awards

Each year at our annual Valentines Dinner Dance, Thalassemia Foundation of Canada takes the opportunity to recognize individuals who have made a significant contribution.

The awards are based on the following criteria:

Appreciation Award: Outstanding support and contributions to the Thalassemia Foundation of Canada. Always being ready to lend a hand.
Chris Bennedsen President’s Award: Continued dedication and service in promoting the work of the Thalassemia Foundation of Canada.
Gino Fortunato Hope Award: Showing tremendous strength, courage and determination in the fight against thalassemia.
Alex Georgakoupolos Memorial Award: Outstanding leadership, devotion, providing comfort, hope and friendship to thalassemia patients and their families.
Heart Award: Displaying continued generosity and financial support.
Hour Glass Award: Demonstrating comfort, caring, dedication and compassion towards thalassemia

To nominate an individual or organization, please send a detailed email explaining 1) why you feel this person/organization deserves and award AND 2) the name of the award that you are nominating the person/organization for to:

Previous award recipients:

Chris Bennedsen President’s Award: Helen Ziavras
Heart Award: Fernview Construction Ltd.
Heart Award: Powell Contracting Ltd.

Hour Glass Award: Brooke Allemang
Appreciation Award: Tony Falcitelli

Gino Fortunato Hope Award: Andrea Trovaglio

Hour Glass Award: Karen Charpentier
Appreciation Award: Tony Tsao

Hourglass Award: Jennifer Palmer
Appreciation Award: Anita Aimola

Chris Bennedsen President’s Award: Anita Aimola
Gino Fortunato Hope Award: Helen Ziavras

Chris Bennedsen President’s Award: John & Fame Risorto
Appreciation Award: Sergio & Adelina Ceccarelli, Lisa D’Annunzio

Appreciation Award: Silvia Livia
Chris Bennedsen President’s Award: Christina Marra
Hour Glass Award: Manuela Merelles-Pulcini

Appreciation Award: Angela Covato
Chris Bennedsen President’s Award: Riyad Elbard

Appreciation Award: Mike Livia
Hour Glass Award: Dr Jacob Pendergrast

Alex Georgakoupolos Memorial Award: Angela Costa
Gino Fortunato Hope Award: Robert Marra

Appreciation Award: Michael Ciccolini
Chris Bennedsen President’s Award: Durhane Wong-Rieger
Gino Fortunato Hope Award: Corrado Falcitelli

Appreciation Award: Frank Storino
Hour Glass Award: Anna Maiorano, Lina Pedota

Appreciation Award: Christina Marra
Heart Award: Angelo Viola
Gino Fortunato Hope Award: Julie Vizza

Appreciation Award: Tony Tsao
Alex Georgakoupolos Memorial Award: Anita Aimola
Heart Award: Sam Ciccolini

Appreciation Award: Sandy Sinaguglia
Alex Georgakoupolos Memorial Award: Angela Polsinelli
Chris Bennedsen President’s Award: Signature Bindery

Appreciation Award: Tony Genova
Alex Georgakoupolos Memorial Award: Kathy Netten
Heart Award: Order of The Sons of Italy
Hour Glass Award: Dr David Chui
Chris Bennedsen President’s Award*: Connie Bennedsen
Gino Fortunato Hope Award: Howard Leung

Appreciation Award: Chris Bennedsen
Heart Award: Giuseppe Decicco
President’s Award: Riyad Elbard

Appreciation Award: Alfonso Sinaguglia
Alex Georgakoupolos Memorial Award: Corrado Falcitelli
Heart Award: Roma Fence
President’s Award: Josie Sirna

Appreciation Award: Tony Marra
Heart Award: Masters Insurance
President’s Award: Josie Cumbo
Gino Fortunato Hope Award: Mike Livia

Appreciation Award: Tony Marra
Alex Georgakoupolos Memorial Award: Naushy Mullani
Heart Award: Santaguida (Valencia)
Hour Glass Award: Dr Melanie Kirby
President’s Award: John Maiorano
Gino Fortunato Hope Award: Nino Lamanna

* President’s Award was renamed the Chris Bennedsen President’s Award in 2002